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IMPOWER has been hosting luncheons since 2008 bringing motivating and engaging speakers to engage our community.  IMPOWER has generated exponential support within the community. This support allows  IMPOWER to reinvest in the community through various actions including scholarships for women, donations of clothes and hygiene supplies to local non-profits, and opportunities for participants to give back to the community.



The goal of IMPOWER is to support girls and women in our community by encouraging attendees to reach out to those in need and take action.  Participants often leave each luncheon feeling uplifted, inspired and full of positive energy to make a difference!



The mission of IMPOWER is to Inspire, Motivate, Prepare and Organize Women to Engage and Reinvest. While IMPOWER was founded by women, the organization strives to impact our entire community in positive ways by supporting and nurturing people through scholarships, grants, and contributions to other nonprofits whose goals are aligned with those of IMPOWER.

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